Case Study: Fashein.

As a new player in the ultra competitive fast fashion ecommerce space, Fashein. had to break through the advertising noise of all the high-dollar, high-profile brands in their industry. Did they pull it off?

Fashein took a different approach to the fast fashion space by crafting cute and on trend styles that suited teens not just in the US, but internationally, They had a great ROAS when facebook was still cheap and had difficulty scaling their intial ad spend past a small but hyper profitable budget. Their sales goals were humble and they started their brand with at 6 figures a year. What happened next NO ONE saw coming…

Ad Llama Solution:
Ad Llama designed a 5 Level Campaign Structure to reach the international demographic hoped to get in front of. Our campaign was comprised of 3 different layers:

1.At the TOFU or top of the sales funnel, we deployed visually-appealing Carousel ads featuring their best selling products to entice the potential customer to learn more or see what this brand was all about. A variety of audiences were tested.
2.In the MOFU or mid funnel, we delivered a mix of entertaining messages to further deepen consumer trust and comfort with such a young brand. Using testimonials and other brand assets to deepen engagement.
3.At the BOFU or bottom of the funnel, we created ads with specific offers and coupons.


Fashein turned on these new campaigns and Facebook and Instagram ads and sales started to roll in. They then engaged in Ad-Llama to create their email sequences and with the help of ad-llama’s help moving from mailchimp to klaviyo, their ad budget increased rapidly and hit $750 per day. Fashein began scaling out quickly and … something NO ONE saw coming… they SOLD OUT their inventory and began running into supply chain issues.

While they are currently fixing their supply chain, we use their business as an example of pouring gas on the fire, and showing that just a few tweaks can lead to big growth.

Ad Llama Services Utilized:

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